Swing up stabilisers: How will your crane be affected? 28 November 2022

Swing up stabilisers: How will your crane be affected?

Tier One contractors have recently confirmed their acceptance criteria for lorry loaders with swing-up stabiliser legs. Below, we will look at the details and what it will mean for your Fassi Crane.

Firstly, Fassi have confirmed the following: ‘All FASSI cranes conform to the product design standard, BS EN 12999, which provides the means for loader cranes to comply with the essential health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. They are CE marked, legally compliant & when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, safe to use.’

ALLMI have confirmed that all cranes working on Tier One sites will require a scannable QR code. This code will be directed to a website where the details of the crane and its compliance will be stored on a register.


Which Cranes will need modifications?

-Any Fassi Crane within the range of F85B.1 – F275A.0 meets the Tier 1 contractors specific site entry requirements. The stabilisers do not swing across any control station and will therefore qualify for a QR Site Entry Code.


-The FASSI range from F175A.1 – F195A.1 & F245A – F545RA will need to be modified! The current specification on this range of cranes does not meet the new guidelines. Therefore, these cranes will require a modification kit and will need to be booked in with us here at Central Crane Technicians.


- The FASSI range from F600RA – F1150RA already meets the Tier 1 contractors specific site entry requirements as the stabilisers do not swing across the emergency control station.


What do I need to do now?

If your Crane does not meet the entry requirements and you require a modification kit, please contact Ben Draper at Central Crane Technicians on 01246855995 or by emailing Ben@centralcranetechnicians.co.uk. We would recommend contacting us as soon as possible to enable us to order the modification kits. Lead Times on the kits are expected to grow as demand also increases.


Once we receive your kit, we will need your vehicle for 2 days to carry out the work and testing needed. The price for the kit will incorporate labour and carriage charges.

When we have completed the work, we will issue an exceptional circumstances LOLER certificate and fit a QR code to the crane.

If your Crane already meets the entry requirements, you will need to register your crane with us to add to the ALLMI database. You can do this by calling Ben Draper on 01246 855995 or by emailing ben@centralcranetechnicians.co.uk. Once you have done this, we will be able to issue you with a QR code to put on your crane.